Best Made Firefighter Tools is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most influential firefighter hand tools in the world, tools unlike any other in the fire service. Best Made Firefighter Tools are designed for speed, efficiency, and focus - giving you the best chance at saving lives and property. It is our goal to equip firefighters with quality tools and dependable information they can use and pass down for generations.

ExampleOur Mission

Best Made Firefighter Tools is a small group of skilled firefighters from central Oklahoma. Our team is comprised of very driven people who come from different backgrounds all working towards the same goal to provide the best tools and service to firefighters around the world.

How We Got Started

Best Made Firefighter Tools was founded and most of the tools designed by Clint Bowring, who has a background in metal working, mechanics and is a Oklahoma Firefighter.   

Clint, with his close friends and fellow firefighters Chad, Ryan, and Tony, decided they wanted to create a company unlike any other in the fire industry. A company that's ran from the ground up by firefighters - a company that designs, develops and, hand builds tools. They wanted a company that provides invaluable information and training because they are devoted to helping firefighters however possible.

Our Focus

When designing, Best Made Firefighter Tools concentrates on speed, efficiency, accessibility, and focus. Best Made Firefighter Tool’s goal is to build the highest quality, Best Made Firefighter Tools available - Tools that live on and will tell their war stories in the hands of firefighters after us. 

Best Made Firefighter Tools is here for you. We want to help make you the best. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the Best Firefighter Tools and information available.